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Experience at Bluebird Soccer Academy: A Trip to Remember
Are you passionate about soccer and making a difference in the lives of young people? Come join me on my journey to Bluebird Soccer Academy, where I had the opportunity to play football with talented kids and be a part of a supportive community. Through my experience, I saw firsthand the positive impact . Bluebird Soccer Academy is having on families and their children. Don't miss out on this inspiring story - read me and get now to learn more about Bluebird Soccer Academy and the incredible work they do.
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“I am striving at school because of the mentorship and support from my coaches at bluebird soccer academy. Being a team captain has increased my confidence when speaking to the players and addressing people in my community. I am humbled to be part of this amazing family. I have a dream of playing at Manchester United and I am always working on my dream everyday through continuous training.”
“I am honestly happy to serve as girl’s captain at BSA. Through our Leadership program and peer mentorship, I was motivated and inspired to apply for games and sports prefect at our school. I won the elections and now serving as a student leader in the games department. I have learnt more about self-discipline while at the academy which has helped me attain great performance in class.”
By Bluebird Soccer Academy | |
“My inspirations are always from the people next to me. I am privileged to be among the young players benefiting from Bluebird Soccer Academy programs. I had dropped out of school and joined a bad company which was ruining my reputation in the community. Luckily now, I am fully transformed by the renewal of my heart and mind, which has made me an agent of peace and change in my community.”
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