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“Every child can be a champion if helped to achieve their dreams”

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what we do

Soccer training

Bluebird soccer academy focuses much of its efforts in training and equipping young boys and girls with soccer skills.

We provide our players with a friendly home-based training ground which is more effective for their daily training


child education 

We believe and trust in the power of education, more so in the lives of the younger ones willing to learn. That is why we integrate education with sports to ensure that our kids are fully equipped with adequate knowledge and skills that will help them become good problem solvers and critical thinkers in the communities they belong to and beyond.

Bluebird Soccer Academy has a unique educational model that aids the most vulnerable children in the refugee settlements, the host community and beyond access quality and better education.

Most of the conflict affected children live under harsh conditions that are unbearable, which affects their ability to study and grow mentally, physically and socially. The refugee child education offered now mainly focuses on those kids we serve and those living with families that cannot afford to cater for their children’s education needs.


Most of the kids we support in our academy are victims of wars and atrocities with their families from different countries that are hosted within Kyangwali refugee settlement. We instill confidence in our children with leadership skills which allows them to work in a team, think critically, and become problems solvers, peace makers on and off the pitch while creating a healthy and sustainable relationships with each other. Every child at bluebird soccer academy goes through a series of character development process that helps them to transform into better resourceful and responsible citizens.


Through this program, we also encourage our players to take roles and responsibilities in the community and the homes they belong to. This has helped them gain confidence to compete for various leadership positions in the respective schools they belong to. We have many student leaders taking up leadership in their various schools and this inspires the team, coaches and every one who is part of this transformational movement.


technology and innovation

Most works and opportunities across the globe are now available and accessed via online services that enables the use of gadgets/ electronic devices.

Our team practically demonstrates the use of technological equipment’s like computers, iPads, phones and cameras to children in order to avail them early opportunities to learn the effective ways of using the gadgets.

We believe in the positive impact technology has brought in the world to make education simple and enjoyable to both adults and kids which made us embrace its contribution in our organization and the communities we belong to.


This is a program that extends our work to the community and families of our players through generous social dialogue with community members who are unwell. Our visits are done on Saturday and Sunday evenings only and one home is visited at a time to ensure we have enough time for the patients. This program aims at creating peace among the young refugee players through connecting with other families; apart from the players they train with daily. This helps to extend our love, care, compassion and support to more families around the settlement.  

BSA's Climate Action

Sustainable Advocacy & Community Development

Bluebird Soccer Academy(BSA) is a registered community-based organization which works on skilling and developing talents for both refugees and host communities. We extend our work to critically address a broad range of climate action issues at local, national, regional and global levels contributing towards the global goal of reducing carbon emissions and resilience.

BSA has enhanced its work to teaching its players, staffs and community on the value of climate advocacy and campaigns through active capacity building in collaboration with local leaders and other local organizations to mitigate the risks associated with climate damage. We ought to kick start climate research through partnership with universities and researchers around the Uganda and beyond to help in collective efforts to address climate issues in our refugee community.

BSA Climate Action

  • Community awareness, education and sensitization on current global climate issues
  • Addressing dangers, losses and damages that are caused by deforestation to the community through community trainings
  • Tree planting and nursery bed establishment, including free distribution of seedlings
  • Promote waste reduction and recycling of non-disposable wastes from the community
  • Training on the use of Bio mass briquettes to reduce over dependency on non-renewable resources.   
  • Capacity building through extensive training 

Small Groups GATHERING

BSA aims at creating a long-term movement of committed young leaders who will positively impact their communities, country and beyond. To achieve this, we ensure each player gets a small group they belong to where they share challenges, ideas, prayer requests, inspirations and most importantly checking on how each one of them is doing.

These groups help our players to get to know each other more, learn to care and support one another as they confide and confess to each other and most importantly become accountable for one another as they grow up as a family united by soccer.

We deeply invest in the few who will influence many. We are very intentional and purpose driven when it comes to mentoring of our players. 

what we stand for

Our Mission

We seek to provide children with access to quality education as they acquire strong mentorship programs that will help them improve on their life styles, soccer talent and skills while creating a self-reliant community.

Our vision 

“To enrich lives of young children who will transform to be socially responsible leaders in the communities they live”.

Our motto

“Every child can be a champion if helped to achieve their dreams”

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